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What is SEO anyway?

Ever wondered why Google seems to ignore your website when people are browsing?

Or how certain websites always manage to conquer the top spots on Google’s search results?

The answer lies in SEO. 

SEO is the art of optimizing your website to attract search engines. It involves refining structure, content, and visibility to boost rankings and drive more visitors.


With SEO


Without SEO


From page 27 oblivion to
page 1 dominance

Searchers rarely click past page 3 of Google’s search results. If your company’s website isn’t optimized for SEO, it’s as good as invisible to potential customers.

That’s why having a solid SEO strategy is crucial for any business looking for exponential growth. With the right SEO tactics in place your website can build brand awareness, generate more leads and drive more sales.


Attract more visitors

Rank higher on Google and get noticed online.


Generate more leads

Attract more targeted and relevant visitors who are more likely to convert.


Drive more sales

See a noticeable boost in sales performance.


Every click that goes to your competitors is a missed opportunity for your business

Let’s face it. SEO can be a mystery to most people. And even if you have some knowledge about it, finding the time to master it is easier said than done.

Enter Leverank.

The results-driven SEO agency that leverages the latest technologies and strategies to help businesses rank higher on search engines, increase their online visibility and boost revenue.

Here’s how we do it

Strategic. Effective. Optimal.

Generating clicks… and
cash for your business


There’s a reason businesses choose Leverank.
Actually, more than one.

Ranking high in transparency

Clients get a personalized dashboard that allows them to easily view their website rankings, see their CTR and analyze data.

The power of one

Get ONE assigned SEO specialist for a dedicated point of contact and enjoy the simplicity of dealing with just one person.

No strings attached

We offer a subscription model instead of locking you into a long-term contract. You are free to cancel anytime.

Talking is key- even for SEO

Communication is our lifeblood. We offer frequent check-ins to discuss progress, make updates, and ensure your satisfaction.

Outsmarting Google’s algorithm is our specialty

Google may be the judge, but with SEO tactics like ours, we give them no choice but to showcase the best websites.

Leverank stays ahead of the curve by consistently monitoring Google’s algorithms to ensure your website’s success.


82% of people will never go past the first results page of Google


Moving up a spot in search results can increase your CTR by 30.8%.


Businesses with a dedicated blog post have a 55% more traffic rate than businesses that don’t.


Updating a blog or article on your website can lead to as much as 146% growth in search traffic.

Get on Google’s good side

No easy feat considering how often the algorithms keep changing. SEO is that secret handshake that wins Google’s favor and unlocks doors to increased website traffic, higher rankings and more conversions.

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